Getting to the manual FIRST

Consistently professionally and personally I have investigated schools of thought years before mainstream society has.

The latest being Feedback Management.

To give you a visual from my Vietnam tour of service;  I changed the head of my bed to the foot of my bed.  The alarm sounded later in the evening;  I awoke, hit my head on the locker, jumped down to the floor, hit the stove, ran out the wrong door, came back in and went out the right door, and was the first to be in the bomb shelter.

With this visual in mind, many of the services and products (like the computer) I was laughed to scorn, only to have it adopted a few years later.

My most recent adventures include rocks from a Rock Shop to change the frequency dynamics of the workplace and home,  Birdeye to manage Reviews, LOA to deliberately create.

Body Elimination Systems

This could be titled how to save a good employee, or reduce conflict at home and the workplace, more tolerance for the diverse beliefs/opinions everyone has.

There is a “Dole” drink – Orange, Peach Mango (also at Trader’s Joe’s) that if you drink one half cup and double the amount of water you drink, the results are immediate.

A person can endure more and be much more open minded.

This tip was given to me by a man who owns a Vitamin Store and been in business for 30 years.

As of this writing we have been doing this in our home with repeatable positive peace results!!!

Having the right attitude

I spoke to a Vendor about feedback management and the man pulled out a shotgun, told me about a knife, showed me the video camera that records everything that goes on in his retail space, has a copy of their computer data and said he sues people who leave a review using his company name.

This position would concern me given how people deal with their technology!!


Monitoring Reviews on the Internet

How important is this

At one clinic I mentioned it was important to one of the professionals, and a staff member (in front of the professional) spoke about how they had written a poor review about a remodeling company and all of the particulars.  My best guess the staff member cost the remodeling company at least $25000 in lost revenue.

The Professional’s face looked very troubled.

Feedback when a difficult technical situation happens

A computer was moved, an aged NIC cable was damaged and $2000 worth of technical services were given, incredible stress, and then the loss of the client.

At the same time a gift was given by another person that dried the tears and made everything well.

Looking back on this experience years later I ask myself “what could have changed the situation”.

I could insist that clients change out all parts on a three year rotation basis.

Looking at this from a Client Side perspective there was a lot of trauma and maybe it would have been different had another technical person been involved.

I have learned the quieter I am, the better.  Avoid assumptions, work at lightning speeds, and focus on the positive.

Given a few days after this original post and looking at what companies are doing to get by, I believe I would insist of changing surge protection and NIC Cables.


Esoteric means “understood by a limited few”. It also means the person who is being esoteric has spent a great deal of time studying the subject, and has a great deal of wisdom and experience.

The person is always learning with each new bit of knowledge.

Purchasing services from a person or company like this is a wise decision. It is important to define the scope of what you want done and then allow for new experiences that may be difficult to come into your life.

The end result to this purchasing decision is positive.

Feedback Management Reports – relevance

The Feedback Management Reports are the standard for Communication in 2017 and for many years…  Companies are judged on their performance and Reviews…

   this score should be 90% or better

Social sites for company and employees help purchasers on any level get a feel for who they are purchasing from…

Listing accuracy is very important – Internet confusion is bad for business…

If the four major databases are not populated on a yearly basis, confusion can set in on the Internet…

Reviews should average at least 10 fresh ones each month.  This is an indicator or how a business is doing…  Business is defined as anyone collecting money…

Most people view the web on Mobile devices…  sites that are not mobile friendly are ignored…

Most people do not go past the Homepage and for good reason…

Connecting Businesses to Business’s and People

I am starting to see a movement away from online ordering like Amazon in favor of a recommendation or personal experience and then trusting the online experience or other methods of communication…

Examples include a Chainsaw person who demystified chains for chainsaws, and a bulk foods place who refuses connection to technology including the Internet for personal reasons… and then the clothing guy who chooses very carefully what he imports from Asia and then embroiders the clothing for clients…

Fascinating trend….

Remote into PC for maintenance and troubleshooting plus…

Promoting into a PC is commonplace. We also use this technology to reboot a computer each day, use endpoint antivirus and malware protection, and automated exhaust cleanup (which slows the PC).

We ask for permission before getting on the PC as a matter of trust and integrity.

We ask for a very high standard from the computer operator to maintain the integrity of the computer.

When a computer has a solid-state hard drive, single click access to programs, the daily reboot is very important to maintain the freshness of the PC.