Feedback Management Reports – relevance

The Feedback Management Reports are the standard for Communication in 2017 and for many years…  Companies are judged on their performance and Reviews…

   this score should be 90% or better

Social sites for company and employees help purchasers on any level get a feel for who they are purchasing from…

Listing accuracy is very important – Internet confusion is bad for business…

If the four major databases are not populated on a yearly basis, confusion can set in on the Internet…

Reviews should average at least 10 fresh ones each month.  This is an indicator or how a business is doing…  Business is defined as anyone collecting money…

Most people view the web on Mobile devices…  sites that are not mobile friendly are ignored…

Most people do not go past the Homepage and for good reason…

Connecting Businesses to Business’s and People

I am starting to see a movement away from online ordering like Amazon in favor of a recommendation or personal experience and then trusting the online experience or other methods of communication…

Examples include a Chainsaw person who demystified chains for chainsaws, and a bulk foods place who refuses connection to technology including the Internet for personal reasons… and then the clothing guy who chooses very carefully what he imports from Asia and then embroiders the clothing for clients…

Fascinating trend….

Remote into PC for maintenance and troubleshooting plus…

Promoting into a PC is commonplace. We also use this technology to reboot a computer each day, use endpoint antivirus and malware protection, and automated exhaust cleanup (which slows the PC).

We ask for permission before getting on the PC as a matter of trust and integrity.

We ask for a very high standard from the computer operator to maintain the integrity of the computer.

When a computer has a solid-state hard drive, single click access to programs, the daily reboot is very important to maintain the freshness of the PC.

PC Maintenance

About eight years ago we started to do PC maintenance because we had quite a few clients that would have traumatic PC experiences about every four months.

We developed procedures that avoided those traumatic PC experiences. This last November “2016”,  we instituted robotic procedures to do the same thing that we have done for years. We are close to 80% accomplished and hope by the end of 2017 to be 100% accomplished.

Stress at the computer is a huge issue for both old and young.

Maintenance, turning off notifications, keeping the PC exhaust clean, has made a big difference in the stress level of the operators.

Concept Cards

The idea of a concept card came from watching people  text between themselves. I realized communication was down to small snippets of information or “concepts”.

I have been handing out “concept cards” for several years. I have covered the majority of the businesses between Salem Oregon and Portland Oregon.

Concept cards are basically  4″ x 5″  in size  and printed either one or two sides. The program I use to create these  concept cards allows me to merge addresses so that they can be sent through the US Post Office.

The cost is $20 per 100 and this is four color one side or two sides, addressed can be included within this price  so at the most a person would have $35 per hundred in postage.

I recommend changing these cards every 100, to make sure that the message is effective.

For the time being, we will hand deliver concept cards to the businesses we call on just because it adds variety and spice to our sales days.


Transfer Domain Name to another registrar

When a transfer of the domain name is requested there are many misunderstandings that surface.

To the technical person we request that you set up an account with Directnic . Once you have an account set up we need your username,  and ask that you be by your computer  and have your e-mail client open. The process of changing ownership is less than 15 minutes.

To the client the cost to transfer ownership is $15.

If your technical person insists on transferring to his own Register of choice the cost is $150.

Everyone in the past has asked “why”. The answer to this question is time and trauma.

All fees need to be paid prior to any work being done.